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1984The Kadett E is introduced. The GSi version, with a drag coefficient of 0.30, is the most aerodynamic vehicle in its class worldwide. The Kadett is elected Car of the Year by an international jury.
The Opel Kadett E LS, 1984-1991.The Opel Kadett E GSi, 1984-1991.Advertisement for the Opel Kadett E, 1985.
1985Opel becomes the first German manufacturer to include a vehicle with a catalytic converter in every model line.
The Opel stand at the 985 IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt.
1986The Opel Omega makes its début, boasting the best drag coefficient in its class, at 0.28.
The Omega is elected Car of the Year.
The Opel Omega A CD, 1986-1994.The Opel Omega A CD station wagon, 1986-1994.The Opel Omega A 3000, 1986-1993.
1987Opel celebrates its 125-year jubilee.
The Senator B is presented to the public.
125jähriges Jubiläum, 1987. Opel's 125-year jubilee, 1987. From right: German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl, Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Beickler, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Horst W. Herke.Poster marking the 125-year jubilee, 1987.Corporate logo, 1987-2002.The Opel Senator B CD, 1987-1993.
The Opel Senator B CD, 1987-1993.The Opel Senator B, 1987-1993.The Opel Senator B CD, 1987-1993.
1988The Opel Vectra is introduced. The mid-size model, available in a choice of two body variants, is an immediate bestseller. The Vectra is characterized by dynamic design and driving comfort combined with technologically advanced drivetrain and chassis solutions. An all-wheel-drive version is available.
The Opel Vectra A GL, 1988-1995.The Opel Vectra A, 1988-1995 .The Opel Vectra A GL, 1988-1995.The Vectra A 2000, 1988-1992.
1989Opel introduces catalytic converters as standard equipment in all models, a the first among European car manufacturers.
The Opel Calibra is launched, with a world-best drag coefficient of 0.26.
The 25-millionth Opel rolls off the production line in Rüsselsheim.
The Adam Opel Prize for outstanding academic performance in engineering is awarded for the first time, in Rüsselsheim, Bochum and Kaiserslautern.
Catalytic converter, 1989.Catalytic converter installation, 1989.The Opel Calibra, 1990-1997.The Opel Calibra, 1990-1997.
The Opel Calibra, 1990-1997.Wind-tunnel testing of the Opel Calibra, 1989.The 25-millionth Opel, an Omega A, leaves the Rüsselsheim plant on February 23, 1989.

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OPEL CORSA-A 50.6% (166)
OPEL CORSA-A Face-lift 16.2% (53)
OPEL KADETT-E 7.3% (24)
OPEL OMEGA-A 5.2% (17)
OPEL SENATOR-B 7.3% (24)
OPEL CALIBRA 6.4% (21)

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